Community Volunteers Needed

Solving the Senior Transportation Problem with Your Help

We take it for granted…being able to get around town, run errands, go to a dentist appointment, pick up a prescription, or swing by the grocery store. But not everyone has a means of transportation, or, may simply no longer be able to drive themselves. No matter where you live or work, seniors need help getting around town.

Volunteering is easy! You can volunteer when it is convenient for you – on your schedule, in the community of your choice, and as often as you would like.

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Our mission to create a state-wide network of volunteer drivers throughout Wisconsin. With a growing older population, the need increases every year – and we hope our program does too. This is just the start! Find out how you can help now and for years to come!


Will there be additional paperwork to fill out before becoming a volunteer?

After your online request is submitted, your selected county representative will contact you with further details about volunteering and help answer any additional questions you may have. You will be asked to fill out and submit a quick Volunteer Application to provide any additional information needed.

Is a background check required before volunteering?

Yes. A criminal and driving background check will be conducted and a sex offender search will be performed to be considered as a volunteer with the Drive. Give. Serve. program.

Is auto insurance required for me to volunteer?

If you are volunteering to drive seniors in you community, it is required that you are an insured driver. We provide excess accident and auto liability insurance in addition to your insurance. If you don’t have auto insurance, you may want to consider volunteering for the SERVE part of this program.

Am I considered liable for the person I’m driving?

Just like any person that rides in your vehicle, you are liable for their safety. Each individual agency may be covered by supplementary accident and liability insurance, at no cost to you. Although it is not a substitute for your own insurance, it covers you in case of personal injury to yourself or others while you are working at your assignment.

Will I receive mileage reimbursement for being a driving volunteer?

Although the definition of volunteering is to FREELY offer to do something, mileage reimbursement may be offered in some counties. Our representatives will provide these details to you.

How often can I volunteer?

You can volunteer when it is convenient for you – weekly, monthly, or simply on occasion, that’s no problem. Let us know what time you are able to commit, and we will work with your schedule.

Will I be helping the same senior during my volunteering?

Although not guaranteed, we will make every effort to try and schedule you with the same senior. Volunteer and senior match-ups will be based on schedules and type of transportation needed.

Will I be driving someone with medical concerns?

The nature of our program is primarily designed for healthy individuals, and is not intended to be a “medical transport” service. We will help ensure that you have all the tools and training you need to safely transport a senior who may have special requirements. We will also make sure you have step-by-step directions in advance of your assignment to ensure you know exactly where you are going.

What if I don’t feel comfortable driving a senior or my schedule is just too busy?

Don’t worry, there are many different ways you can help. For example, you may be able to grocery shop and deliver the items to the senior. Or, consider offering financial support to the program or donate things such as gas cards for our volunteers. Our representatives can help steer you in the right direction if you know you want to volunteer, but just aren’t sure how.

Recently Retired?

Recently retired and have some time on your hands? Looking for a unique way to serve the community? Some of the most helpful individuals are those who have daytime hours to contribute. From “Double Coupon Wednesday” at the grocery store, to visits to the doctors office, many of our volunteer needs are Monday – Friday, 8 am-5 pm.