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Help by driving a senior, or a disabled person

Portage County with its excellent quality of life in its small city, villages, and towns, is in the central part of our great state and covers a large geographic area. The aging population continues to grow with many elderly or disabled not able to drive themselves anymore.  Many rely on us to provide rides to shopping, church, banking, hair appointments, post office or pharmacy.  VCPC strives to help those in need remain as independent and connected to their communities as possible but to do so means more volunteers to answer these requests.

While our volunteers touched lives with 3,618 deeds of kindness in 2017 we still need additional volunteers to meet the growing demand. The population aged 60+ is projected to increase 38% between 2010 and 2020. 16% of Portage County’s population is 65+ with many elderly or disabled people needing assistance in diverse areas of their lives.

Help Turn Our Challenges into Your Opportunities!

Our Challenges

Your Opportunities

How will the care receiver react to our help and to our volunteers?

Driving across a more rural community can take a longer time commitment so use that time to get to know a “neighbor” new to you.  Accomplish this in the simple task of driving and sharing in conversation and make this a positive experience for everyone involved.

People are often concerned about helping others out of the car or into an appointment from the parking lot.

We match the volunteers and his or her ability to the needs of the care receiver.  We don’t ask you to do more than you have agreed to.  We also have parking permits that allow you to park close to any public or private building that has handicap accessible parking if that is needed.

We need to ensure the safety of our care receivers that are passengers to the greatest degree possible.

Our volunteers readily agree to a screening process.   A volunteer application, valid driver’s license, proof of auto insurance, driving record check, background check, and references are required in that process.  Our care receivers are thankful for the volunteers’ willingness to share that information.

Because we have close knit communities care receiver are often not wishing or used to receiving help from outside their families or close friends.

The care receiver is not asking someone directly to help them that might reject their request or make them feel indebted.  They are asking a facilitator to approach a whole group of people that have stated their desire to help.  With everyone working together this challenge can be meet.

As a volunteer you want to have protection from over involvement that will interfere too much with your time and life.

Because we have a pool of volunteers you can feel free to say no to a request for help you receive knowing we will pass the request on to other volunteers.  We also ask our care receivers to direct their requests to our central office not to individual volunteers.  With this coordination requests are more likely to be filled.

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A driver application, valid drivers license, auto insurance and background check are required. You must be 18 years of age to volunteer drive. Don’t have a car or insurance? No problem, there are many ways to help a senior in need!

See how you can help serve the cause.

About Volunteer Caregivers of Portage County

Our mission is to enable older adults, people with disabilities, and families to maintain their independence, dignity and quality of life by providing support services to those without other arrangements.  Our volunteers touched the lives of care receivers 3,618 times in 2017 and we continue to strive to meet the growing demand.  The population of Portage County aged 60+ in 2010 was 12,621 and in 2020 is projected to be 17,880, an increase of 38%.  16% of the population is 65 and over.  Many elderly or disabled people cannot drive themselves or complete other tasks anymore.  Family living farther away can’t provide the help needed.  Volunteers can meet those needs if those needs are known.  No personal care services are provided.

Some of our other programs outside of driving include:

  • Friendly visits

  • Time away respite

  • News on Disc

  • In home assistance

  • Minor home repair

  • Yard work

  • Snow removal

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